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AC Triac RF + Push Dimmer - MLS1B

Input Voltage

AC 100-240V

Output Voltage

AC 100-240V

Output Current

Max 1A


Output Power
Input Signal

RF 2.4GHz + Push Dim

RF Control Distance



52 x 52 x 26mm

Dimming Range

0 - 100%

Operation Temperature

-30°C to 55°C


5 years


The RF + Push AC phase-cut dimmer with single channel output makes it easy to dim and with single colour dimmable LED Lamps & Fittings, traidional incandescent & halogen lamps.

Compatible with Leading & Trailing Edge dimming which can be changed by using the dip switch. Connect with external push switch to achieve on/off and dimming function. Minimum brightness set by key.

One MLS1B receiver can transmit the signals from the remote to another receiver within 30m. As long as there is a receiver within 30m the remote control distance can be limitless. 

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