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2 Zone Dimming Touch Panel - MLT20-2

Output Signal

RF (2.4GHz)

Working Voltage

3VDC (AAA x 2)

Working Current


1 Year

Standby Time
Dimming Level

256 Levels

Remote Distance


Dimming Range

0 - 100%


86 x 86 x 20.5mm


5 years




RT series remotes come with a sensitive touch panel to make light control easier. Its user-friendly design makes it comfortable to hold by hand.

Touch panel 1,2,3,4 Zone Dimming switch RF Remote.

Each zone can control multiple RF 2.4GHz LED Controllers.

Ultra sensitive high strength glass touch panel with touch colour slide in the middle and backlighting.

Smooth and accurate colour adjustment by touching the colour slide.

Touch keys with LED indicator

Available in White & Black Glass Panel.

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